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Waka agency...



WAKA meaning “shine” in Swahili.


WAKA is an all Pan-Africa talent agency. We represent Actors, TV and radio personalities, brand ambassadors, emcees , facilitators and voice over artists. 

We have a footprint in the following countries:

* Angola

* Botswana

* Zambia

* Uganda

* Kenya

* Tanzania

* Burundi

* Nigeria

* Ghana

* Liberia


* South Africa

* Lesotho


Our additional services:

Voice over recordings:

With the impact of Covid-19, we practice social distancing, and we have created synergies with recording studios in specific countries that can accommodate high-quality recordings.

Territories and languages include:

Zambia                                                                                         Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga, Kaonde and Lozi

Zimbabwe                                                                                    Shona

Uganda                                                                                        Luganda

Kenya and Tanzania                                                                 Swahili

Nigeria(studio is in SA)                                                             Pidgin

Ghana                                                                                           Twi, Ewe and Gha

Botswana                                                                                    SeTswana

DR (studio is in SA)                                                                     French

Angola (Studio in SA)                                                                 Portuguese



We provide speakers/ facilitators or emcees of webinars or online events. 


Production consultancy:

We offer consultancy to Pan African production houses and TV networks.

​We provide executive training on presentation skills, press interviews and brand value to Pan African corporate companies.

 For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Twitter: @wakaagency.

Facebook pages:

WAKA stars

WAKA page.

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