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Rosie Motene




WAKA meaning “shine” in Swahili.


WAKA is an all Pan-Africa talent agency. We represent Actors, TV personalities, brand ambassadors, emcees and voice over artists.


We specialise in representing talent in the following countries:

* South Africa

* Botswana

* Zimbabwe

* Uganda


* Nigeria

* Ghana

* Zambia


* Liberia

* Angola.


Rosie Motene is a Pan African media proprietor. She identified a gap in the market and was compelled to establish the WAKA agency. Rosie Motene has travelled the African continent extensively whilst on assignment in her multiple professional capacities.


Rosie’s level of professional exposure has demanded that she create a training programme requisite for all her clients represented.


Our additional services:

Voice over recordings:


* We are affiliated with various recording studio across the continent so a satellite recording can be arranged.


Emcee and programme directors as well as brand ambassadors:

* Our brand ambassadors and emcees are of the finest caliber. We collaborate extensively with our brand clients with fulfilling their requirements thereof.

Production consultancy:

* We offer consultancy to Pan African production houses and TV networks.

Executive training:

* We provide training on presentation skills, press interviews and brand value to Pan African corporates.


For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Email: info@wakaagency.biz

Twitter: @wakaagency.

Facebook pages:

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